Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New place... New friends

New friends at Bay Springs.

We were tied up behind a big Catamaran named Kaleidoscope. The Owner/Captain is a nice fellow who actually had built it with his own hands. We were shown pictures of Clyde building this boat in his backyard in California. Interesting guy. We hadn't know him for long, but became good friends... quickly.

Clyde's plans were to leave our part of the world and go to Central America. He was spending a year at Bay Springs rebuilding the interior all alone and did a beautiful job.

Then it was Clyde's time to go; his friend Kirk flew in from California to assist in taking Kaleidoscope back to Central America where he would rejoin his bride Mia.
The above pic is Kirk and Clyde's dog Kaiser.

Then he disappeared into the fog.
Hope we meet again.


  1. Thanks Bob,
    You know we love livin' the dream vicariously. Can't wait to see all 3 of you.

  2. searching for info on N62 Lone Wolf I found your other blog...

    No real info found on Lone Wolf as yet...

    I've told she was recently purchased by a fellow in Austria..

    She's been out of the water for a couple months in the little waterfront community where I live...LaConner Washington.

    My pictures...