Sunday, November 6, 2016

Solitude in Paradise

At Compass Cay.

The onSpot guys are just back from making the necessary repairs in the Exumas and sent me this shot of Compass Cay.

Hurricane Matthew blew right over the little island, but thankfully there was little damage. Tucker reported; Lily's doors were blown in and the Tree House lost a few screens, but all in all, they came through the storm okay.

With the Batshit Crazy politics wreaking havoc on our peaceful reality in Jupiter, we can't think of a better place to be right now. It's time to crank up Istaboa and escape.

I've never seen Compass like this. Of course season is upon us; calm before the storm.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Topical — Ring Them Bells

Nothing to do with boats or cruising around.  Just a great Dylan tune performed nicely.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

While Matthew Was Marching Toward Us

Istaboa was in a shed being painted.

This morning, I sneaked into the paint building and got a glimpse of her. The experts at Hinckley were only able to do 3 coats of paint before the storm shut everything down. All the tenting and masking is still on, but despite that, it's easy to see she's going to be shiny and beautiful when they're done.

Pearl Gray is the chosen color. A shade lighter than her original color but not too far off.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Matthew Update

I think we're okay... at the house anyway.

 Canary Cam shot of the front yard. A little ragged, but we've obviously got power

Optimism and cynicism seems to have won out.
We're hoping the folks up north will be as lucky as we've been.

Now to check on the boat.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

North Palm Beach Marina — Live Stream

While it lasts, onSpot wifi provides a live video stream from NPBM.  Even in good weather, the Comcast broadband connection has always been spotty there — so expect outages.
Click this link > look down to the second window > Press play.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sometimes Your Luck Runs Out

So to hedge our bet, this crew is going to spend a few days on the West Coast of Florida on a business trip.

Sarasota has always been one of our favorite places.

Luckily, (we hope)  Istaboa is high and dry, on the hard, at Hinckley Yachts in Port Salerno. She's inside a building, being painted as well as a sundry of other items being done to her.
We feel fortunate as we see the many boats at Old Port Cove scurrying around in order to find shelter. North Palm Beach Marina is full as I'm sure every other official Hurricane Hole in the area is.

This is a serious storm. We've never been forced to deal with such. So we're buttoning up our little house on Spearfish and crossing our fingers in hopes all will still be here when we return.

We're still clinging to both optimism and cynicism —  Maybe Matthew will head east — Maybe it's media hyperbole — But, maybe not.

Guess we'll know in a few days.

Wish us all luck, please.

In the left hand corner of this blog is our Old Port Cove Weather Station. This will be functional as long as there's power and internet. Real Time Weather for OPC.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cuba Can Wait

No, we normally don't make plans, but for now if one wants to visit Cuba, one must make plans.
Our thoughts — We'll, we're going to be in Key West anyway, if we can, let's make a quick hop to Cuba. 

So Mel did her due diligence and in short order, pulled it off.
I was amazed. We were legal in the eyes of the US Coast Guard and our insurance carrier agreed to cover us.

All good to go? Of course not, nothing's that easy.

The previously posted engine problem was a harbinger of the trip's undoing, but we overcame that, even had some engine maintenance done in anticipation of spending time on the island time forgot.

The real killer was the weather.

Odd weather for the The Keys and Florida Straits this time of year. July is usually windless and hot. Sadly, our USCG regulated 2 week window held 20-25 mph easterly winds and thunderstorms almost every day. Stiff easterlies are showstoppers when attempting to cross the Straits, kinda like northers when crossing to the Bahamas, and severe thunderstorms are a power boater's curse.
Every morning we'd check our sources for wind and seas and every night we'd do it again. Day after day ticked away until it became apparent that time was about to run out.  —Punt—

So as we've done many times, we adjusted and motored back to Marathon to enjoy our old hideout.

Cuba can wait.

It's surprising how quickly Cuba travel restrictions have changed in the just last month or so and we expect things to ease up even more soon.
Disappointed? A bit... We wanted to see the once forbidden island nation before the onslaught of US yachtistas race over and we've been thinking Buena Vista Social Club for 15 years, but Cuba's not going anywhere and we're not far away.
I'd imagine that Havana's is in our near future and doing The Bahamas-Cuba Loop would allow us to visit old friends and expand our horizons.