Thursday, December 4, 2014

All That We Have Is Now

from Doonesbury's page

A song by one of my contemporaries from Memphis. Some of you may remember, 'The Brand New Tennessee Waltz'.  In the day, Jesse left Memphis, choosing Canada over Vietnam.
Jesse Winchester passed away this year.

Baby, all that we have is now — that's it.

Speaking of now... our intrepid friends aboard Tivoli are offshore and about to round the southern tip of Sanabel Island. It appears they're heading up the Caloosahatchee River to Ft Myers.

Tivoli seems to enjoy a good night's cruise.



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jupiter Daze

Yes, we have little to report other than reporting we have little to report.

Though, while walking the beach this AM with the boyz, I did snap off a nice pic with my phone. Folks were surf fishing and landing quite a few Bluefish.
I once enjoyed surf fishing. Being this close to the beach, I may have to take it up again.

Spearfish is coming along very slowly. Due to the holidays, all the projects we thought we'd slam dunk are on hold. We have little in the way of furniture so we're scurrying around trying to fill the empty voids, called rooms, in our new home. Luckily, it's a small house and in the meantime we've still got it's staging furniture to live on. 

We took the Albury out today. It was a pretty fall day and we enjoyed motoring around our new hometown. We eased out by the inlet only to find huge breakers blocking the cut so we eased back. 
We love fall in S. Florida. Unlike the Tennessee River, there's not many colors, mostly greens and blues, but the north breeze keeps the temps mild and the humidity low while the sun warms the face.

In other good news. As I'm writing this, we have old friends from our Pickwick sailing days who are crossing the Gulf of Mexico in their 50 Nordhavn. Clayton, like me, enjoys his gadgets; he and I have been communicating via his Iridium Go satellite hotspot as they're 70 miles offshore, plowing the lumpy waters of the Gulf. He's reporting a good night.

Crew Tivoli has just retired after many years of noble service and they've been making that long and winding run down the Tenn-Tom Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico. Now they're on their way over here to the east coast, then — who knows. Their next chapter just started.

Clayton and Deanna are composing a travel blog; it's fun keeping up with them. 
If you want to follow Tivoli's tracks —

So that's it. Someday soon we'll do something worth writing about, but till then — check out Tivoli ~ nice read.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Making Us Homesick —

But, after dealing with the South Florida sun all summer, we're not about to leave just when the weather's starting to turn beautiful.

This video makes me hungry and want to go back to Memphis for a few days. I can actually smell the place.

Kelly English, a New Orleans transplant who's making Memphis proud, is featured on a few of the Breville's Mind of a Chef series videos.

The soul of Memphis is elusive. But Chef Kelly English thinks it is best found by seeking out the food that tells the story. From Cozy Corner to Ernestine & Hazel's to Hog and Hominy, we go on a trek to capture Memphis soul. 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

But What About Istaboa?

Istaboa's fine, better than ever.
She's not going anywhere other than where she takes us.

Once again, Istaboa is our dream being realized. Some will remember...
And, yes I know, there are those who feel there's no better life than full time living aboard our boats, but we've been doing the cruising thing for many years. We like to think of the boat life as a dream being realized, but sometimes, for us anyway, it's fun to hop on the bus and say — there's no place like home — and our dream remains floating somewhere awaiting our return.
Istaboa also has a new home in Jupiter where we bought her a slip. She'll only be a couple of miles away and when we're not cruising, I'll enjoy her everyday as my office.
She'll return to her previous role, no longer our home — our escape.

And a great escape she is.



Monday, September 22, 2014

Our House

Our house is a very, very fine house
with two dogs in the yard...
Okay, I took liberties with the old CS&N tune and the rest of it doesn't apply, but you get the point.

Picking up from the last post — The 'change is rising and about to wash over us' part?
Well, the little house in the above photo is the catalyst for these changes.

Meet 'Spearfish', our little bungalow by the sea in Jupiter, FL

Going on 15 years now, Crew Istaboa has cruised the watery stretches between the Gulf Coast, the Keys, the East Coast, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Bahamas.  All along the way, in every marina where we'd tie up, Mel and I would take time to imagine what it'd be like to reside in that particular place. We explored each one thoroughly and they were all contenders in the hunt for the eventual/inevitable dirt dwelling where we knew one day we'd settle in.
Yes, we've unintentionally annoyed many realtors throughout the course of our travels.
For the last couple of years, The Jupiter area has become our home-port to return to.
For Florida, Jupiter's a fairly progressive/live and let live kinda place. We enjoy it's good food, the nice folks, and it's seemingly kind attitude. Even during season the traffic's not too bad, and the water's truly beautiful.
Jupiter has one of the best beaches on the East Coast. It's a dog friendly stretch of shoreline and seems pretty human friendly as well. We've found we like it here much. The Boyz love the beach and they're really gonna enjoy the freedom that comes with the small fenced yard.

So unless something unforeseeable happens with our real estate transaction, it appears, on dry land anyway, we've finally found what we're looking for. Or, maybe it found us.

And, we'll call our new abode –––> 'Spearfish'.

Another chapter in our story.

More later —



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another Day

Well, the storm was a bust... not even rain. Maybe a sunrise?
It's nice being here at Old Port Cove; a distant horizon with a pleasant ocean breeze and a view of the rich and famous.
We've still not gone home to The Bluffs or Memphis yet.  But, I'm sensing changes -like the tide- are about to wash over us.
Ebb and flow, repeat...

More later