Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in PCB. Finally!

The stay in Memphis was a little longer than expected. That cold I had been trying to avoid finally caught me. Oh well... three days in bed and I have been all over Europe with a bird's eye view via HDNet.
The world's coastlines from above - Europe.
The Scandinavian coast line is beautiful. Especially Norway.
I love HD

So we've decided to stay here for a few more days and spend New Year's Eve with the folks at Baypoint, then on with our journey.
We found out today that our boat insurance does not cover Gautemala. That settles that!
So... Bahamas and south it is.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve and a great New Year.




  1. WELLLLL--Finally a note --hahahha I was soooo worried about you Bob?
    Anyway ---glad you made it back--ran into Mary today at the A/P or was it yesterday anyway she told me yall were GONE!!!BOOOO HOOOO Melonie--of course NOT bob---HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YALL --even Bob--dont tell anyone though!!!!

  2. Thanks Sissy... I appreciate your concern. I am truly touched.