Friday, February 13, 2009

Too funny to not post.

Click here for the Daily Show's take on the President's visit to Fort Myers. It's really funny.

Last night we attended the annual marina party here at Legacy Harbour Marina. The food was great and catered by our favorite restaurant, Sub and Pup. Prime Rib!
Our stay is narrowing down here. It about time to move on to the east coast to be ready for a jump to the islands. We can't say enough good things about this marina. If you're traveling by boat and in this area... it's a must stop.



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  1. Hey there Bob and Mel
    Just found your new blog - glad your enjoying your stay in our home town. Legacy marina is a great place. We are preparing for an April journey across the Lake to Singers island but in the mean time enjoying the water and islands we can get to each weekend. Just returned from Useppa Island. Safe travels