Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Emerald City

So this evening we are in Fort Lauderdale. We promised our friend Karen we would stop and have dinner, so we did. We love Fort Lauderdale... if you are a boat person you probably understand. This place is all things boats. You see boats from everwhere. All the incredible boats you see in magazines are here. We think the best thing about Fort Lauderdale is that no matter how big your boat is... you just disappear into the mass. No one is any big deal here.

At night from Pier 66, the city lights up beautifully. In the foreground of this picture is a beautiful 200' sailing vessel named "Athena" from Greece, flanked by a 100' freighter from the Marshal Islands . The backdrop is the skyline of Fort Lauderdale night lights. The action is created up by the lights of the many small pleasure bosts that pass through this picture like the gondolas of Venice.

The day may bring a different picture but tonight we're drinking so let us fantasize...OK!

Tomorrow we take off for the islands. We will be dark for a couple of days... then we promise plenty of good pics of the clear turquoise, azure waters of the Bahama Bank and Nassau when we get settled and find bandwidth.
Life is good...



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