Thursday, May 21, 2009

All things must pass

And so it was with our time at Compass Cay.

Our last day was a fine one though. We swam at Rachel's and I did the final tweaks to the internet then passed the torch on to Marcus.
A potluck was organized so we provided 3 slabs of Memphis style Baby back ribs that we have been hoarding . Everyone brought out their finest and it turned out to be a really good island style gourmet dinner. The ribs must have been a hit.. they didn't last long.

The next morning brought an early start so we rushed around saying our "See ya laters" and giving a few hugs too. We will miss them all, but a few of those folks... we will miss a lot. Wonderful examples of the human species.

We were sent a few pics of our departure by Ward who is onboard "Goodtimes"; a nice fellow from Bermuda. We hope to receive more pics of our friends Karin, Mano, and Tucker. We will post those when we do.

We truly loved our time at Compass. On so many levels, this is our favorite place in the world.

Till next time.




  1. It feels like we're leaving all over again! Have a very safe trip home and we'll see you very soon!

    Codi & Brad

  2. Thanks Codi... Next time we are just going to Compass and stay until the end of our time. We don't like all the premature farewells.
    See ya next year.