Monday, June 15, 2009

Just when the roots were starting to sprout...

Our insurance dude called to say the underwriters don't like the combination of Istaboa and Fort Lauderdale during the hurricane season. Not sure what the problem is but we think maybe Fort Myers is a good idea. We really like it there anyway so other than the trip around the tip of Florida, we are looking forward to Legacy Harbor. Lots of friends there, so it's all good.
Next up will be a trip to the Keys and a run up north.




  1. hmmm hope that means that they think that no hurricanes will be coming to FM ;) Would love to see you guys when your at legacy. We sold our beloved Higher Powered and are on the quest for Higher Powered 2.... narrowing it down and are actually driving to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow to look at a boat. Safe travels

  2. Oh well... They must think it's less of a risk.
    Lucky you, now is the time to buy a boat and not have to worry about a trade. What are you guys looking for?

  3. yes we were very fortunate to sell her quickly. As much as we loved the boat and it was beautiful it wasn't exactly the best for what we are doing. We rented a grand banks last month and LOVED it but unfortunately not in our price range at the moment... We thought stronglty about a trawler but we've decided to look at some motor yachts because this will give us the room we want/need and still be able to take the longer trips we like to take and for us don't have all the time due to Joseph still being in school. Tomorrow we are looking at a silverton 40' motoryacht. We will see - we realized after we sold the boat and we were all sheddding tears that, yes we missed the boat, but we missed boating much much more - we'll be happy with whatever we end up with because being on the water together is what makes us happy... I know you understand. Ms. Boo is having major water withdrawal ;)