Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall days in Stuart

Isn't much like fall at all. It's been 90+ here for the last week and there's no end in sight. We're not complaining because whatever the weather's doing is keeping the hurricanes from forming. That's a really, really good thing. 2 more weeks to go till the official end of hurricane season; which also means the beginning of tourist season. Already we are seeing lots of Canadian flags flying. The fall brings the migration of snowbirds.

Speaking of migrations... We stepped out the back door of the boat Saturday and were very surprised to see a swarm of bees had decided Istaboa was a good place to hang out.

They hung around on the deck for a while then decided the kayaks on the upper deck was a better site for their plans. My Pop was a hobbyist bee keeper for a while when I was a kid so I had seen this type of thing before. They are pretty much harmless at this stage unless threatened. So keeping with our, "friends of honest and harmless creatures attitude", we let them be. (no pun intended)

We are hoping they soon find a better place to do their thing or we must have them removed by a bee keeper. They are in short supply these days, for some reason, and we understand they are quite important partners in the local agriculture industry.
But, we don't think they'll enjoy going to sea. So, bees, be gone!

The days are hot but, in the end, we're rewarded with some beautiful fall sunsets.




  1. Hello there, You Mel and Radar have been my cruising hero's for several years. It's only right that I follow in your footsteps. Once we cross we will be in your neighborhood to have a little work done. We will have to meet up and share some laughs and stories. Hope to see you soon once we jump across the pond. Theresa

  2. Are you still in Stuart? We live in Kentucky but have a boat near Stuart. We are down here for a week staying on our boat. I have followed all of your travels and we would love to meet up with you.

    Doug and Kris Russell

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  4. Hello My Dears ! I've just been working on my friend Steve Croxall's SeaRay 420 aft cabin. Boy, installing new batteries, fuel filters, cleaning the plastic windows and lubricating the zips. Bloody hard work but I'm good for getting into those small spaces for engine work etc. Sounds like you guys are still having a wonderful time out there in the Bahamas. Steve is talking bout coming that way next year and if he does I'll be his first mate. I'm thinking bout coming back to the US for a while...I been missing my friends and my daughter. Love to see ya sometime.