Sunday, July 18, 2010

A day's work to Solomans Island

 The Point No Point light house

But now we have arrived at historic Solomons Island, Maryland.
Heck, we even changed our background in tribute to this very sail-boaty place. And... upon arrival, we had to navigate through a huge sail boat race just to get into the Pawtuxent River and the marina. It will last for 3 days. The 2010 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge.
Pics below... Click read more

Leaving the Deltaville, VA we passed by the above oysterman. Working alone, he dredges up Rappahannock river oysters from beds that his family has probably leased for decades.
Click here for an interesting read... Rappahannock River Oysters
Of the 2,848 square miles in the Rappahannock basin, 61 percent is forested and 35 percent is covered by cropland and pasture, while only an estimated 4 percent is urban. Because the Rappahannock basin has retained its rural nature, the river has been, for the most part, spared the disturbing decline of water quality observed in other rivers that empty into the Bay.

The breeze has picked up and it's a good day for a sailboat. This guy was on a beam reach, with his sails full, and his toe rail in the water, he was screamin along faster than we were. Pretty!

After picking our way into the harbor and to Zahnisers Marina we took a look around. Solomons is a quaint little waterfront town. You really get the Yankee, northeast feel here. The homes are modest; no McMansions. All tastefully landscaped, one gets the feeling these families have lived here forever. Lots of history also — cultural, nautical, and military. So much in fact, we could poke around for days and not make a dent in it.
If you're interested click here. Solomons Island

We walked around town for a while but the heat was unbearable, even after 7pm. But, we did take some pics. Love all the well maintained—yet—weathered patina that is everywhere around here.
We didn't eat the local food last night, because dogs aren't allowed in restaurants and it was just too damn hot to walk back. So...  leftover spaghetti was excellent, especially in the comfort of our own boat.

Looking outside, I see the flags flappin which means the breeze has stirred. Hopefully it will cool things off a bit and we can do a little more sightseeing.

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