Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A very Sailboaty place indeed

 We think we may have picked the wrong marina. We like sailboats, but... we like our own kind also and there were no trawlers here at all. So.....

Got up early this morning to catch the tide and got caught in a sailboat traffic jam of sorts. All the racers (120 of them) were heading out the same little channel to do their thing.

Yes we got up early and fired up Istaboa and made way for Herring Bay and Harrington Harbor Marina.
Radar hates the sound of thrusters in the morning. First thrust and he's down to bed and hides in the covers. Eventually he will come back up to the pilot house to join us.

A quick 25 mile run and we are here, but we're not sure if this is where we want to be... We'll see tomorrow.



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