Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anchor anxiety? Hardly, maybe the lack of...

Seems the Captain of this new Kadey Krogen 55 was a bit overconfident that his anchor stuck and his hook pulled during a squall in Camden Harbor, Maine. Luckily some very helpful and capable folks came to his rescue while he and the crew were in town. They managed to keep him off the rocks, that at low tide would have left him high and dry... and screwed.
YouTube clip included —

 cut from Panbo.com:
That big beautiful trawler didn't actually drag onto the rocks around Northeast Point, but that's probably only because crews from from Wayfarer Marine, Yachting Solutions, and the Harbor Master's office worked hard to hold her off, in pouring rain and lots of wind.  A local hero even managed to squeeze his way through a pilothouse window, figure out the complex starting procedure, hoist the anchor, and put the boat safely on a dock.  But the owner, who showed up after the storm had passed, was apparently somewhat casual about what happened, though most boaters would know that a salvage claim was a possible road not taken by the rescuers.
Cost of a loaded Krogen 55,    $2,000,000.00
Cost of salvage for a Krogen 55,  $400,000.00
Cost of the good folks who saved this Krogen 55... Priceless!

 Anchor Anxiety can be a good thing.
Crew Istaboa is for the most part marina folk, but when we do anchor, sleep is shallow the first night. Anchor anxiety takes hold and visions of the same thing happening to us that happened to this poor fellow makes for frequent position assessments.  And, we have a 175lb anchor with 1/2 inch chain, usually deploying 7 to 1 chain if needed or not.
We once stayed aboard for almost 48 hours while anchored at Salt Pond, out from Long Island, Bahamas because the wind was blowing a constant 30 knots. Our friends took the shared rental car to Stella Maris, thinking we were foolish, but visions of Istaboa up on a shoal with Bahamians legally salvaging all our goodies kept us on board. Better safe than sorry.

But that's not the end of the story for this Kadey Krogen... Read more here...  Panbo.com

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