Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is short —

— then you die... We've all heard that many times and sadly, as we get older, we realize it's true.

The statement in the above pic doesn't exactly apply to us, but the lines in the bottom left hand corner certainly strike a nerve. Mel and I, both, sit at the helm of responsibility for mothers who are on the cusp of their great rewards and we're constantly slapped in the face with the reality that... the last days of one's life can be an enormous profit center for others.

As crew Istaboa sits landlocked, our thoughts often turn to the siege of obligations, responsibilities, sorrow, and wishes for freedom from the aforementioned, but we refuse to, "die as if we never lived". We strongly promote the idea that—

— no one should sacrifice their dreams and opportunities in order to feed the insatiable emotion of guilt.

Love and recompense = Good feelings

Guilt = Resentment

Life hands out few sandwiches...

                                          much nicer if you click 480p here ^

Crew Istaboa has been very fortunate when it comes to the sandwiches of life...  Soon, we hope that our rendering of the pursuit of happiness will —once again— continue.  Till then, we'll enjoy our memories in photographs. Hope you do too.

We also hope that Jason Mraz doesn't mind our borrowing his song, Live High. If you do Jason, let us know and we will find another tune. Great song by the way.


  1. Bob and Melanie..We are in your same boat as primary caregivers to aging parents who are requiring all our time and energy. Enjoyed your thoughts and took a few minutes to recalibrate our own situation and our response to it. THANKS for sharing. Hope to see you on the water someday, somewhere. We have enjoyed following your posts since last winter. Good wishes to you. Debbie and Bill Stuart and Skipper the dog, AJAX

  2. Crew Ajax!.... Good hearing from you. We have thought of you guys often as we've kept an eye on the situation in the Gulf. Eerily, the Gulf seems to better now and life is reported to be returning to near normal. Hope we find that to be true.
    Thanks for your kind comments. Today, Mel puts her mother in the hospital in prep for surgery tomorrow. Not good for a lady of 87 years.
    I wish we had good advice to give regarding our mutual situations but other than hang in there and take time out for yourselves, we have none. So take Zevon's advice, you can have a sandwich anywhere, almost anytime.
    right now, all eyes are on H-Earl I may hop a plane if he gets too close to the Chesapeake. We're in a hurricane hole but I would like to see the boat lashed down properly.
    Thanks again for making contact and we do hope to see you guys in the future. we would love to show you three the islands. Skipper would the water over there. I remember she loved watching fish and the water is so clear, she could see them everywhere. Stay in touch.
    Bob and Mel... and Radar

  3. Good to hear from you. We hope to take the boat to Florida this winter. Do you plan to go back to Stuart?

  4. Yep. we're going to poke around the Chesapeake for a few weeks when we get back, then head slowly head south to Stuart.
    We kinda feel likes that's home for our boat. Wish it was home for us too.
    Let us know if you work over our way. Sunset Bay is a great place. Come on over.