Thursday, August 12, 2010

While we aren't cruising—

—check out what these folks are doing.

 The crew of Thor, also a 57 Nordhavn, is having a blast up in Canada.
While cruising around the Pacific Northwest they've encountered bears, whales, eagles, and icebergs; not to mention being inundated with constant awe-inspiring scenery. Thoughtfully, they've posted some extraordinary photographs.

And —of course— our favorite cruising family/crew aboard Emily Grace are experiencing things most of us will only dream about. Enjoying the ups and downs of circumnavigating the planet, they're creating a world of wonderful memories that will last forever. Last post from them was from a small island in the South Pacific named Suwarrow.

We're not sure if we're jealous, envious, or just genuinely admire the crews of both Emily Grace and Thor. Probably all the above.
For sure, we wish were there, we wish them the best, and we appreciate them blogging their adventures.



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