Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arrrrr... Sept, 19th

International Talk like a Pirate day

Avast, me hearties!
Upon the next sabbath it shall be uncorked, the bona fide, sanctioned, and International—Talk like a Pirate Day.
And, paying proparrr' respects to our brethren of the sea, Crew Istaboa has mustered a fine store of Pirate tunes and vidoes... for ye pleasure... Like diggin up a treasure chest, click continue reading.

Okay... can't keep this Pirate narrative up forever and hopefully you understand the intent... We will proceed normally.

Indeed, Sunday, September 19th is the International Talk like a Pirate Day

So what better Pirate to ask the universal question that those of us who have sailed the high seas, to remote tropical islands, have asked many times... Why is the Rum Gone?
Captain Jack Sparrow, his-self.

While YouTubin pirate videos, this one popped out... Brings to mind the Pirates aboard Istaboa.

Then, last, but not least—and keeping Captain Jack in mind, this one surfaced... Crew Istaboa has been to many beautiful island in our travels, but never have we seen a place as compelling as this one. And, probably won't... (unless the Hooters Calendar Girls come back to Compass Cay)
Turn it up!
But not at work... Unless your boss is a Pirate, of course.

So that's it... International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Pass it around.. another reason for a party... like we need one.

One last time....

So hoist up your mainsails and shut down your brain cells


PS... We're feeling a little pirate like ourselves and sense a return to Istaboa is in our near future.


  1. Bob
    Enjoy reading your blog. I just sent you an email and it came back saying you don't have a yahoo acct any more.
    Susie and I moved to Hopetown and we have a new blog about moving down here permanently

    You can contact me at gepatch@aol.com
    Glenn & Susie Patch

  2. Been wondering about you guys...

    Happy to hear you're well and permanently a citizen of Hope Town. Would that make you and Elbownian, Elbower, or an Elbowite?
    Looked at your new Blog...
    As always, your photographs are beautiful and your place looks great. You and Suzy appear to very calm and comfortable in your new diggs. That's what the islands will do for ya.
    We're due for a run to the islands. Right now the boat is in Virginia. The Chesapeake is interesting, but it's not the islands.
    When we do make it over, we usually stay at SeaSpray, so we will have to cart by and visit to see the paradise you've created.
    Hope you're enjoying, what appears to be, retirement. I am looking at that also, if I like it or not. The IT business is horrible unless you're from India. But that's Okay... I had a good run.
    Thanks for keeping in touch, hopefully we'll see you two after the first of the year.
    Tell Suzy we said hello.
    Bob and Mel

    ps... Yahoo must have had a glitch... email is still the same. We will keep in touch.