Monday, September 6, 2010

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 Seems Fidel Castro is a Nethead... An article in the LA Times goes on to say the old revolutionary even writes his own blog. Now he is dissing Iran and declaring Cuba's economic model 'Doesn't Work'. He must have a new publicist.
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Castro's Blog Link

An editorial yesterday in the LA Times called “Fidel Castro, Internet Junkie” says the 84-year-old Cuban reads 200 to 300 online articles a day, and “is fascinated by WikiLeaks”.F i d e l   C a s t r 

Fidel, if you happen across this blog... there is one small request we cruising folk would like to bring to your attention. If we Americans, unlike the rest of the free world's cruising community, are ever allowed to visit Cuba in our boats, please streamline your entry and exit procedures. (Our Canadian friends tell us it can take a full day to check in and another day to check out—at every port.)  Mexico has simplified this process and it has increased their tourism industry tremendously. Look at the Bahamas as an example.

Obviously, we are joking—not really—there are many, more important, issues that need to be dealt with. But, someday we hope to see the beautiful island country of Cuba.



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  1. There is a guy in St. Maarten that sets up floatillas to CUBA and he handles all the checking in and out for ease. And yes we asked about American's and he said it is no problem. We may try next year. Let me know if you want more info. Glad EARL wasn't nasty to you. Talk soon, Theresa, Mark and Sailor