Saturday, October 30, 2010

A very large night...


Our good friends Jim and Sandy were presented with Beale Street's Walk of Fame Brass Notes by Huey Lewis and Joyce Cobb. It was a very cool night.

More inside...

So we did it up right. Limo, champagne, and good friends. We started at the Madison Hotel for drinks with Huey and his crew, then the Hard Rock in downtown Memphis for the ceremony. Huey was in town promoting his new album of classic Soul tunes aptly named ,"Soulsville", at the Stax Music Museum, so after the party at the Hard Rock we took part in the show at Stax.
Pretty much all the living legends from the golden days of the Memphis Sound were in attendance. The stories we heard were priceless.

Jim Gaines, David Porter, and Al Bell

 Huey's new album—Soulsville— will be released 11-2-2010
Album art was by by Memphis artist (and musician) Lamar Sorrento.

Huey and Jim have been friends since the 70's

 After the smoke cleared, we all enjoyed dinner, drinks, and laughs about the night's festivities and the folks we hadn't seen or heard from in decades.
It was really good to see Jim and Sandy receive props for the things they've done for the Memphis sound and musical culture.
Not many outside the music biz know...  Jim is the legendary—mystical—musical—Memphis spice that is sought out by rock, blues, and R&B artist globally. If an artist or band wants to sound Memphis, they find Jim Gaines.  Jim gives soul a capital 'S'. 
Sandy Carroll writes songs , sings, and soulfully bangs out piano of her particular brand of Memphis R&B around the Memphis area and the world; spreading the gospel of this funky old town wherever she goes.
They are wonderful, humble, and gracious folk. Crew Istaboa can't thank Jim and Sandy enough for sharing with us their night of honor. We are very proud of them.

Mel, Huey, Mary, Cleavy, and Susan

 It was fun hanging with Huey. He was a nice fellow and a very good sport about having his photos taken and he and Jim told lots of, musician humor, stories about the days before... and after fame.
It was another memorable night amongst many we have had the good fortune to enjoy with these folks.

I know, I know... We're going on and on, but one last clip that takes in the whole night in 3 minutes. 
If you were there, you will enjoy this. If you weren't you may still. A great tune by Huey Lewis done Acapella, street style... It's all right (Huey, I hope you don't mind me using your tune.)



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