Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walkabout Onancock...

This day was gorgeous... Perfect temp, no wind, and an absolutely beautiful place to enjoy such a day. The folks here are exceptionally friendly and it's well said in a cut from their Onancock Official website...
 All in all, Onancock is not pretend nor is it plastic. It is an authentic, living town. It invites you to visit whenever a spare minute.
More inside...

This very nice lady is the proprietor of The Bistro, a very good restaurant for local food, and where we dined last night. Good food, great service.

As you can tell by the old headstone; this is an old, old town. .
This lady was named Zipporah. What an odd, yet winsome name.
I did a little reasearch and came up with something on her.
Zipporah EVANS was born on 11 Apr 1819 in , Somerset, Maryland, USA. She died on 25 Jul 1865 in Onancock, Accomack, Virginia, USA. She was buried about 25 Jul 1865 in Cokesbury Cemetery, Onancock, Accomack, Virginia, USA. She was married to Rev. Perry A. LEATHERBURY.

 Many of the homes are nestled in the trees on the waterfront.

We enjoyed walking around town, which only takes about an hour. The locals have done a nice job of maintaining the legacy of their small village. We had lunch at the Blarney Stone Pub.

 Crockett is a very common name in Onancock, hence the street name.

And last, but not least, is this bunch of fellows. They call this the "Liar's Bench". This gang of old coots congregate here everyday and are always on hand to critique and heckle the captains as they are docking their boats. (Good-naturedly, of course)
Peter was the recipient of the roasting yesterday as he tied up directly in front of this crew.

So, all in all, we really enjoyed Onancock. A beautiful town in an old—authentic eastern shore kind of way. Nice folks, good food, charming atmosphere, what's not to like?

Hope we return someday.



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