Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The last few days...

So we made it down the bay in a norther with an incoming tide which makes for a lumpy boat ride. This makes the bay stack up waves high, sharp, and fast.

But with that all behind us we made it to Atlantic Yacht Basin. 

Which is a very neat old boat yard/marina. Walking around I found lots of interesting things to take photographs of. 
Tomorrow we will pull the boat out of the water to do a small repair and finish up the Navigation Systems display. 
Then... we wait to make plans.

In our last post I mentioned Mel had to fly back to Memphis to take care of personal issues. I am sorry to say that Mel's mother is very ill and it appears she will not get better. Any good thoughts or prayers for Mel's Mom, Mel, and her family would be greatly appreciated. They are a very close family and this is a painful and difficult time for them all.

More pics of AYB inside



  1. I rescued a little dog that looks exactly like yours in Brazil. I am curious to know what type of breed this is. see my blog
    for a photo of her. She is identical to yours. Your travels look great.

  2. Hi Jan,
    Radar is a Havanese.
    You seem like our kind of person. We appreciate all the work you do for, and the love you give our furry friends.
    I like your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Bob, Mel, Radar

  3. Hi,
    I have written to a breeder of the Havanese and sent her picture. I have become obsessed with finding out because she is so different to most street dogs that I have recued. She must have had an owner who at one time played with her and gave her affection because she is so sweet and has no fear of humans. She knows how to play ball, to sit and she gives her paw. Maybe she is just extremely intelligent. She is a great little dog. By the way Esta boa here means it is good. I wondered if there is any Portuguese influence in your choice of name for the boat. I will let you if she is a Havanese. Boa Viagem!