Sunday, November 21, 2010

One night and a crew change

 Land Ho!  After 26 hours of enduring almost the whole spectrum of sea conditions, we've finally got St. Simons Sound in sight. Looks like we're going to make it in with a bit of light. That's the Sidney Lanier Bridge in the first stage of sunset.
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As luck would have it, we did make it in with the last burnt orange rays of the sunset's light still lingering.
I really don't like coming in to a dark marina. So we were very happy. Radar, was ecstatic.

It's been a pretty fun, but hurried run south so far. Once again we bypassed South Carolina altogether. Maybe next year.

The AICW had a few skinny areas but making use of Active Captain kept us aware of the spots where we should use extreme caution. Great program Active Captain, especially when combined with an Ipad.

U.S. Marine Corp. Camp Lejeune target practice.

 We saw a lot of this

With a cell signal, finally I was able to find out what was going on with Mel and the whole mother thing. I was happy to hear Mel's mom is stable and Mel is ready to join me for the rest of the trip to Stuart. 
So a plan was made to leave Brunswick and run a short course to Fernandina Beach, Fl, then rent a car to drop off Will and pick up Mel at the Jax airport.
Oddly enough, it worked perfectly.

In honor of Mel's return to Istaboa, I decided to mow the two week old growth off my face. I haven't had a beard in 30 years. It itched a lot.

Fort Clinch at the mouth of St Marys inlet.

 Fernandina Harbor

So here we are at Fernandina Harbor Marina and Crew Istaboa is whole again.
This is a very cool little town with Americas' oldest bar, the Palace Saloon. Got to be our kinda of place.
Plus a very special treat... Mel and I will meet our Grandson Silas for the first time. We're excited.

More about Fernandina later.



PS: It's getting warmer.... time to throw off the Muclucs and back on with the sandals. At least during the day.... and it's going to get better!

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