Monday, February 14, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

So we did a little walkabout.

I loaded up my camera with a fast telephoto lens and we took Radar out for a walk in the park at downtown Stuart. Snapped a few shots while out. It was fun.

Leaving the marina, you walk under the new Roosevelt bridge via the boardwalk and -Voila!- you're in a nicely landscaped, palm tree swaying, river front park. The Pelican restaurant is up next, a quaint outdoor cafe and very dog friendly. Flagler Park is a neighborly and kindly little city park where you'll see folks walking around doin what folks do in a park on a sunny afternoon.
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One of the first things you'll notice is the old dock pilings left from the train depot that was once located here. These old stumps were laid back at the turn of the 20th century. There now is a plaque and picture commemorating the old station.

It was low tide and these Water Turkeys (Cormorants) were out taking advantage of this sunny afternoon also.

The kids were certainly having a good time. Radar took a liking to this young fellow, which is unusual for Radar, he normally doesn't care for little boys.

But this kid was a pretty cool little dude and he and Radar did fine.

On the way back to the boat, a few random shots turned out some mildly interesting pics.

This is our Albury that we speak of so much. Sweet boat and conveniently tied up on the stern of Istaboa. Probably will do a little Valentines Day Sunset Cruise today.

 So that's it, truly a beautiful day in the hood.




  1. I think I am in love with your blog almost purely because of the beautiful photography.

    Quick question... when you travel, do you bring the Allbury with you behind Istaboa like a giant, towed tender?

  2. Thanks Man!
    I enjoy taking pictures.
    Yes, the plan is to pull the Albury over to the Abacos, weather permitting. It could prove difficult for just 2 folks in rough seas. So we shall sea.
    It would be fun to run around all the islands in it for sure.

  3. Wow. Absolutely incredible. I'm so glad that we found your blog.

    Are you on Nordhavn Dreamers? You might be able to find some help (crew wise) there.