Thursday, February 24, 2011

An interesting day

Yesterday, Pete invited me over to meet the new owner of Morewater.
A nice fellow who brought Scott Flanders, another Nordhavn owner, with him. Many of us long range cruiser types know of Scott and have read about his, and his wife Mary's, exploits aboard their boat, "Egret". They have been published in several magazines, Passage Maker being one, and they're prominently featured on the Nordhavn web site.
I had a great conversation with Scott. He's a very nice and humble man, he truly loves what he does, and is very inspiring.

For those who don't know of Scott and Mary, they have circumnavigated the world in their Nordhavn N46.
Cut from the Nordhavn Site:
In line with the Around The World journey of 2001-02 and the 2004 Atlantic Rally comes another great Nordhavn adventure: the Voyage of Egret. What started out for Scott and Mary Flanders as a 16-month journey from Gibraltar to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn on their Nordhavn 46, has turned into a life journey with goal destinations and loose timelines.
More on page 2

The above is their route to date.
The Voyage of Egret is an entertaining as well as an educational read.
Oh! Did I say inspiring? (We have a boatload of fuel and all of this is really giving us the itch to untie and start moving.
I keep saying to myself... Patience... but we're tiring of patience... time to go.)

Scott and Mary are coming back next week. Hopefully they'll stop by and spend a few minutes with Crew Istaboa and tell us about some of their adventures. Hopefully they spread some more of that inspiration around.
One thing he said that really struck me was, (and I paraphrase)  "Doing this really changes you. If somehow a billion dollars landed at our feet, we wouldn't stop what we're doing or even change boats. We love what we are doing and wouldn't change any part of it in any way."
He meant it.

Anyway.... Now we are debating driving up to Titusville to see the Shuttle Launch. It's the last one for Discovery. Weather is iffy.



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