Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

... and a full load of fuel.
When you have a boat that holds 2000 gallons of fuel, fueling up takes on a whole new meaning. Not only is it a considerable financial investment, but it also tickles your fancy and gives you notions of all the places you could go, people to visit, and the next thoughts are; why don't we crank up and go.
So now we're back to checkin out weather and sea sites for the next possible window of opportunity. Even talked to our friend Junior, in the Abacos, and found out our slip is available.

We haven't been over to the Abacos in 3 years; it was once an annual thing. First the Abacos, followed by Eleuthera, then the Berrys, on to Cat, before returning to the states.
Then we did the Exumas and fell in love, but the Abacos still seem like home and we do have many friends there. We need to do a short trip if we find the weather.

 We have wonderful memories of our times spent there.

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The view from Hope Town light house.
 Saturday nights in Marsh Harbour.
The smells of the waterside restaurants and sounds of the local bands

 And the sunsets!

 Radar losing his mind at Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay.

 The Junkanoos at Sea Spray

 Our old buddy Charlie.

 Just had to throw this pic in.

 The Blasters at Pete's Pub

 Being weathered in for 5 weeks and making the best of it.

 And, how sad we were to leave and head back home to reality.

Ya Mon, we tinks it's time to revisit de Abacos. Now we pray to the wedder gods.

Will keep you posted.




  1. Criminey! 2000 gallons?

    Beautiful photos, BTW.

  2. Yeah, a bit like buying oil futures. We are betting it doesn't come down for a while. We still had a 1000 gallons we bought at a much lower price, but thought it a good idea to buy in now in case we get to the islands and want to keep going. Bahama fuel makes the 3.25 we paid yesterday look like a deal.
    Looked at your blog, Cheoy Lees are classic boats. Looks like you're returning her to her glory days.
    With all that snow, she needs to come south.

  3. Radar looks so happy! On land and at sea. Can he swim??