Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hearing the drums from the Exumas

While we're hanging out in Stuart, (quite nicely, I might add) our good buddy Cap'n Will is helping out on Exodus.
Arnie and Susan aboard Exodus are friends we've known for years, they have just made the run and are now tied up at our favorite little island paradise, Compass Cay. It appears they've found a good Crawfish hole somewhere around Highborne Cay.
We can only imagine how good dinner was last night. Fresh Lobster!
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   Will and Susan showing off the catch

 Arnie supervising Cap'n Will with the cleaning operation.

It really looks like they're having a great time. We hope they are and we hope to see them soon.

We've been taking care of a little biz, being a bit lazy, a little photography experimentation, and some writing. Not much to report.
We did have lunch with Scott Flanders from Egret yesterday. He is always interesting to talk to. Said they are going to be flying back to Egret in the Canary Islands next week. Then prepare to head to the Mediterranean for a while. What a life!



Oh yeah... Found this youtube of Eric and Christi from Kosmos. Another great story.


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