Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting pics

And these from the french photographer Michel Rajkovic... A bit spooky, yet stunning.

More of his collection here >>>> Michel Rajkovic's Gallery
And these>>>> Dramatic Waters of Iceland

As for us? Notta... Just cleaning up Rocky Point with the thoughts of putting it up for sale, but it's certainly a not a market to sell a house in Memphis. Plus, we've had these thoughts before and backed out before losing it.
It's kinda hard to give up the critters we've come to know and love.
Where else could you find stuff like this in your backyard?

Memphis' last real cowboy... Richard Schwam
The stories this fellow has told us over the years are priceless.

And we can't forget Rocky... We miss Rocky.




  1. Great photos! And the ones from Michel Rajkovic aren't bad either.