Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the USA

 Screen shot of Outbound entering the Port of San Diego

As our friends aboard Outbound are reentering the USA, we are preparing to leave.

Yes, finally, we are firing up Istaboa and heading east for the islands. After a quick shake out run down to Palm Beach, we'll do an all night cruise to Nassau. Should be good weather and a big fat moon will shine it's light on us all night.
Plus...  to add to our island experience — we are towing the Albury behind us. We are excited!!

More on the Florida Yacht Interior, Chase Camacho story later. Short version... Still not happy.
But....  soon we will be in the islands and we won't care.




  1. How did you rig teh Albury for towing?

  2. Had a rig made up by Rope Inc. in FLL
    We rigged 25 feet of 3strand Nylon attached to the Albury's tow eye.
    Connected to 75' of 3strand floating nylon. The 57s have a stern Hause pipe with a electric winch close by, so we make use of that cleat vs using a bridle. We will see how that works.
    If we don't like it, we will deploy the bridle.
    Running at 8.5 knots this shouldn't be a problem.