Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Been busy...

... enjoying the islands and not blogging about it.

So... now I will try and catch up.

With the WIFI project wrapped up as good as it gets (which is quite fast), we treated the guests at Compass Cay to a Smokey Dog BBQ feast.

Seems everyone had a great time and really enjoyed Will's BBQ. A good time was had as the sun sank beneath the horizon.

The next day was Will's last so he and I went out snorkeling on the grass flats in search of Conch. We did quite well. We needed a dozen to make a good sized Conch Salad and a dozen we found.

So after the harvesting was done, we unloaded them at the fish cleaning station. The one where the famous Compass Cay pet sharks like to lay on to be scratched and fed.

Then Will went to work on cleaning the slimy little critters.

 Actually made a youtube video on cleaning and preparing Conch on page 2.

There is an art to this that not too many master. I've tried, but gave up with after getting so slimy I couldn't pick up the shell.

The Conch Salad was, and still is, excellent.

With that done we took the Albury over to Staniel for lunch and the Airport.
We will miss Will for sure. He knows this area almost as well as an islander and he's a good friend to Crew Istaboa.

Until later...



Oh yeah, when we got back from Staniel we had a celebrity on the island.
Here's a good picture of Michael Jordan and Tucker.
You never know who you'll run into on Compass

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  1. OMG!!! How fun! Tell Michael to wait a week and we'll be there to party with him. One week from tomorrow and we're Compass bound. Keep up the great pictures, we appreciate you sharing them with us!