Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nicely overcast day @ Compass

The weather has been pleasantly cool. Though overcast, the wind is just a gentle breeze that keeps the bugs away. The locals are all hoping for rain as it's been dry for a while, so we hope for rain also. Here in these island even a rainy day is a good day.

As we arrived here at Compass a couple of days ago we were welcomed back to the Exumas by Dick and Patra: Crew Sapphire. Nice to hear from them.

Putting the Albury to good use, we ran down Pipe Creek to Staniel Cay and the yacht club. Best BLT ever.

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 Here at Staniel they paint the rental cottages very colorful.

 This island dog senses we're tourist and he doesn't even raise his head.

The Blue Store for a few more supplies.
They were kind enough to give us a few fresh Sapodillas. Known in these parts as Dillies.

It's kinda quiet in the islands right now. Some of our friends from our last visit are here and a few more are on their way... so it should liven up soon. 
But for now... nice and quiet... and beautiful.



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  1. Yay! I'm so glad y'all made it. We'll be there soon! 2 weeks from today. Save us a cold Kalik!