Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue... Blue... Blue! and some green.

The weather has been better for a couple of days and we did get out to do some fishin, but as fishin usually goes, we came back with an empty fish box. Still had a good time.
Went down to Sampson Cay to purchase some gas for the Albury. The fuel boat hasn't been around the Exumas for a while and folks are rationing gas. Diesel is nowhere to be found, which is keeping boats at dock.

Sampson Cay Marina is a very pretty/well manicured marina with a general store and restaurant. More developed than Compass to say the least, but still a beautiful little island.

So after fueling we took off in hopes of fresh fish... Out through Sampson Cut the ocean was a little lumpy, but not bad.  With high expectations of fresh fish for dinner, we trolled and trolled... nada.
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So back to Compass and Istaboa for a nice cocktail of Rum and Coconut Water. Still a great day.

Today I took the Kayak out for a little cardio exercise and paddled the tidal creek that flows between the hills on Compass at high tide.

  The flats around the Mangroves are teeming with Bone Fish, but it's protected and they know it. Usually Bones are shy... not at Compass Cay. They will swim up hoping for a handout.

The ruins in this picture are of Tucker's ancestor's home. Usually one can't get this far up the creek but it was high tide. We would like to investigate this more while we're here.

We received a comment from Richard Alley letting us know the post I did a few days ago about the young folks from Memphis made the Memphis Blog.  Istaboa Crew meets fellow Memphians way down in the Exumas. Thanks Lindsey Turner for the shout out.
Also Richard Alley a freelance writer who writes a column for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis called, Because I said so, is interested in writing an article about our travels and who we are and how we got here. That would be fun. Hope it works out.

So that's what's been going on. Not much, but not bad.



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