Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Islands of the rich and famous.

Today we noticed Radar was a little glum... we've been busy doing human stuff and not including him. So we decided to crank up the Albury and do a little island hopping. He likes to ride around in the Albury and feel the wind in his face as he sits up high and scopes everything out.

 photo by Bruce McElya

Our first stop was at the Aquarium in the park where we saw our Texas buddies out for a snorkle.

Next stop was Little Hall's Pond which some of you may know belongs to Johnny Depp. 
Yup, Capt. Jack Sparrow's hideaway. 
Nope, we didn't see him.

More on page 2.

This was cut from Private Islands Magazine.

After falling in love with the laid-back Bahamas lifestyle while filming “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Johnny Depp began a search for his own tropical island to get stranded on. And in 2004 he found it in the beautiful Exumas, buying Little Hall’s Pond Cay for US $3.6M as a retreat to enjoy with his songbird wife Vanessa Paradise and their two children. The actor recently made news by publicizing that his island will be run exclusively on eco-friendly solar power, as well as for having invited the (formerly) troubled ingenue Lindsay Lohan aboard for some time out of the public eye. There’s little question that escaping from the prying eyes of the paparazzi was also a prime motivator for Depp’s island purchase- he supposedly refers to his little piece of paradise as “F**k Off Island”.
 Mr. Depp is known for enjoying his privacy and seclusion; he's certainly created it here. As you can tell from the pics, not much of the island is visible to us gawkers.
These islands are cool with that. Everyone, for the most part, respects the privacy of others, including the rich and famous. We do—politely—gawk, but we do it from a distance so as not to bother folks.
But did take a couple of shots of one of the houses and a private beach.

Click on the image and you can see a cool little rope suspension bridge leading somewhere and a stone walkway down to a small floating dock. Appears he has created paradise.

A nice little beach retreat complete with beach bar.

Then we motored around to the controversial Bell Island we posted about earlier. This is owned by His Highness the Aga Kahn.

His Highness the Aga Khan became the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims in 1957 after the death of his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan.

The island is shrouded in secrecy and few have seen the interior. Nice diggs from what we could see. Article about Bell Island Controversy
So after snapping a few pics we made way back to the marina.

Pulling into the entrance to the harbor at Compass we spotted a bit of a contrast.

Istaboa looked a like a minnow swimming with whales.

 also a photo by Bruce McElya

Later we saw Capt. Bruce and the Bahama Star crew.

He and his 1st Mate/Wife Sheila had just brought in their latest charter and were enjoying a cold refreshment after a long day's sail.
They later brought over some more of Bruce's famous fried turkey and stuck around for a while catching up. Then all the Texans came aboard and, once again, the party started.

Yet, another great day amongst many.



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