Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene news from the Exumas

Heard from a good source that several of the Cays in the Pipe Creek area were okay, but still nothing about Compass Cay as of yet. We monitor the internet at Compass and as of right now it's still down; we're hoping because the weather is blocking the satellite dish.
No active routers and no active sessions = no net.
Good news that Staniel Cay Yacht Club is still standing and they are starting to clean up.
Found this youtube of 6:30 AM today in Nassau. At the time of shooting this video it was 2 hr before the eye's passing.

It's not looking good for Eleuthera or the Abacos

Cut from Chris Parker's WX Update
Exumas: Conditions in StanielCay & G'twn have increased in the past couple hours as squall bands arrived. Peak conditions may increase a bit more overnight (backing NE-N-NNW@50-80k sustained, with some higher gusts). Peak conditions should persist from now thru midnight in G'twn / mostly overnight in StanielCay. Thereafter...winds should begin to decrease as they back from NNW-W-SW, probably near 50k sustained (gusting 65k) for a few hours, before SW winds decrease further. G'twn should subside to SW 50k-or-less by Dawn / StanielCay SW-WSW@50k-or-less by late morning Thu25. Cat & Eluthera: Areas W of Irene's center (some of Eluthera but not any of Cat) should see backing NE-N-NNW@80-100k sustained, with some higher gusts until Irene's center passes (tomorrow morning for Eluthera)...then backing W-SW under 80k sustained, with higher gusts.

For us here in S Florida? A bit rainy and breezy, but okay. Maybe more wind later today and tonight, but not much.
The folks in North Carolina are bracing for a blow as Irene's taking aim at Cape Fear and on up the east coast.

That's all we know for now.



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  1. Texas sure could use some of that rain. I'll be anxious to hear how Compass is, thanks for the great updates. Hope you guys are staying dry in Florida.