Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back aboard Istaboa

And happy to be...
It wasn't a bad drive, a thousand miles or so, but it did wear on us a bit.
I remember many years ago, (this will make some cringe), we could drive a thousand miles and only stop for fuel. With a cooler of beer and a bucket of fried chicken on the floor board between the seats of my old van, we could drive it non-stop.... set up and do a night's gig in a smokey old rock and roll bar in the middle of nowhere, then catch a few hours sleep and do it all over again.
A long time ago... another life.

Like I said it's good to be back. Upon arriving, we were told that some of our friends from the dock had gone to Occupy Fort Lauderdale.
It's true! Bob and Mary, Jeff and Cathy had made the drive south to participate. Proud of them. They even got their picture in the Sun Sentential.

As evidenced below:
Darn hippies!  These kids today, why don't they get a job instead of just waving signs in the street?
Oh wait, those aren't kids and they're waving signs because no one can find a job...

Anyway... We left Memphis with a mission; to arrive and be rested because tonight is a concert by an extraordinary band at an incredible venue. 
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones @ The Lyric Theatre.
More on page 2.
 We are excited!
If you've never heard of Bela Fleck and his band of outstanding muscians, then you must watch and listen to the clip below... It's worth watching even if you have heard of these guys. They're all monsters of their instruments.

And the venue?

A 500 seat theater, the LYRIC THEATRE was built in 1925 as a silent movie house and was operated until the depression when it was closed and eventually sold. Over the next 50 years it was bought and sold to various concerns and used in a variety of manners. In 1978 the theatre was purchased by a non-denominational church and was used for their weekly services until they built a new facility, and no longer needed the structure in downtown Stuart.
At that time, in 1987, a downtown redevelopment effort was underway. A group of community minded individuals saw the LYRIC THEATRE, situated in the heart of downtown, and realized there was an opportunity to save a historically significant structure, thus contributing to the redevelopment effort, as well as to provide a much needed location for various types of events presented to the community.
Not a bad seat in the house

So we're caught up... It's rainy here in Stuart, which can be a good thing in Florida. Constant sunshine can wear you down after a while and the weather offers up a good excuse to sit in the boat, read, or watch movies,—or—essentially do nothing in particular.
Sounds good to us, think we will strive for that now...



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