Saturday, November 26, 2011

Downtown Ft. Myers

We've been here before and like it then... and we like it now. Downtown FM is very cool.
A good grocery store 2 blocks away, a bakery just up the street, plenty of restaurants within walking distance, and the folks around here are very nice. What's not to like?

Bold Pursuit

Last night old friends and the owners of Bold Pursuit, Don and Sharon, drove into town and took us out to dinner. It was good catching up with them. They've bought a new boat and are selling Bold Pursuit.
She's an extraordinary steel hulled Motor Sailer with a galley that rivals any chef's kitchen. This boat could take you around the world in grand style with gourmet meals.
They've decided it's the time in their life to buy a home in Fernandina Beach, FL and have acquired a new boat that will better fit their new requirements. 
Now we have friends in Fernandina to visit... with a dock!

 Definition of flat calm

After leaving Riverforest and slowly motoring along the Caloosahatchee River there wasn't a lot to see, but passing through Labelle, FL we enjoyed the sights of the beautiful old Florida style homes. Palm trees towering above centuries-old oaks that are draped with spainish moss made for a nice frame for some of these old houses.

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 This nice lady is the bridge tender in Labelle. Call her on the radio and she walks out, then manually opens the bridge. She kindly wished us a Happy Thanksgiving... we returned the sentiment.

Honestly, other than the occasional Alligator that's about all that stood out. It's a peaceful little run across the state of FL, but not much in the way of outstanding sights. Egrets and Ospreys, fish jumping, gators, a couple of little Otters playing around a lock is about it. But... after typing this last sentence, I realize it was actually a very nice docile little cruise. And... Fort Myers at the end is always fun.

So, now we're tied up at Legacy Harbor and will stay here for at least a week. The folks at Riverforest have a special on bottom paint jobs that we can't beat so we may be over here a few days more. 

Oh yeah... Our Thanksgiving meal at the Veranda? Muy Bueno!



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