Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunset Bay's Halloween Night Party

Seems like everyone had a great time. The food was great, plenty to drink, and everyone showed off their Halloween rags.

 Rusty was our, "Monster of Ceremonies" and did a great job.

 And it sure looks like Mel enjoyed herself.
She won the Murder Mystery contest and was awarded a bottle of Capt. Morgan's Rum

 Radar, much to his chagrin, won the Cutest Costume Award
He really seemed to enjoy all the attention though.

Mary won the Best Chili Award in the Mild to Medium category.
And it was excellent chili.

 The judges of the First Annual Sunset Bay International Halloween Chili Cookoff 
Mel, Bob#1, Tim, and I'm taking the picture

Though he wasn't at the party, had to throw this one in.
Our grandson Silas checking out the edge on his sword. 
A handsome lad and a mighty fine pirate he be.... Arrrrr Matey

Yes, it seems all the folks at Sunset Bay had a fine time.
More pics on page 2.

 Radar enjoying every bit of his 15 minutes of fame.
 Rusty looks like a cross between something from Pirates of the Caribbean and an Oakland Raiders fan. (You did a good job, Rusty)
 Just part of the motley crew.
 Our good friends aboard Lyric, Cathy and Jeff. The Hippie chick and the fisherman, with Carp in tow.
And last, but not least, Danielle of Alpha Divers. She showed up late, but would probably have won the best costume contest. 

Okay... so that's Halloween in Stuart.



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  1. That looks like so much fun! And Radar makes a very handsome bumble bee! I'll send you guys a pic of our costumes! Looking forward to see y'all, sooner rather than later :)