Saturday, March 10, 2012

Report from our friends in the Exumas

Our dock buddies, Jeff and Cathy aboard Lyric, made it to the Exumas. Though the weather isn't great they seem to be having a good time.
Nice pics...
 Cathy's dad flew into Nassau and has enjoyed a week of cruising in the Exumas.

Glad they're having fun.
Wish we were there.




  1. Are you ever going to start the engine again and join the party? It's been a little boring around here lately.....

    1. Yes it kinda boring around here... trying to finalize the sale of our house, working hard at training a new puppy, and doing maintenance and repairs on Istaboa is time consuming. I think departure date will be around May 1.
      In the meantime... Check out the Marine Services Review. With all the work being done we are finding some really good and really bad services.
      We're trying to put Istaboa back in new condition before leaving and that requires a lot of help.