Sunday, August 26, 2012

The first bands have arrived

It looks like Isaac has moved further to the west, but we're still feeling his early effects. The winds are out of the east and we have a 114' Hatteras tied up on our east side. So far, all we've felt are 10kt winds, but the storm has not passed the Keys yet. I could get worse. Lots of rain.
Borrowed this pic off Deelights website. Thanks Marv for all the great weather info. Very informative.

We may drive over to the ocean side just to see the storm. I'll try to get pics if they're worth taking.



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  1. We have friends in Key West. I told them to get off the boat, a 35' sailboat, but I think they're going to ride it out. I like your plan (grab beer, run like hell) better.