Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to find safe harbor... again.

Okay Isaac, in the morning we are heading south to the Bluffs Marina in Jupiter hoping to find shelter from whatever happens in the next few days.

Looking at this scenario; all we can tell is that a blow is heading in our general direction. Hell, a few computer tracks show it's even heading for Memphis.
We've been down here for a few years now... wonder when we'll get used to it? Some of our old time Florida boater buddies don't pay much attention until a couple of days before an event. Me, like in business, I start looking for rough times as soon as the possibilities appear.

Kinda looking forward to a change... Jupiter's a neat place with some friends and great food, so it can't be bad. Food Shack, Guanabana's are a couple of our favorites.

So, unless the wind, Yo Ho Blows The Man Down... life is still excellent.




  1. Brunswick! You need to be up north in Brunswick Georgia, a hurricane hole and Melonie's home town.

    1. Hey Dave... Happy 100K
      Brunswick was part of our plan, but life got in the way and we stayed put in S. Fl.
      Looking at the computer models this morning, Brunswick made the list of "Uh Oh!" ports.
      History says the odds are in your favor though.
      Looks like the whole east coast better hold on tight.
      Keep saying, "Go East Isaac, Go Far East Isaac."

  2. Glad to see you guys moved, better safe than sorry. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for a non-event. Enjoy the change in surroundings.

    1. Agree with the better safe than sorry philosophy.
      Wish we were up there, downeast, with you guys.
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Hope to see you soon.