Friday, August 24, 2012

We're almost outta the cone!

Or so say Tampa Bay's Storm Team 8. Of course their forecast may be a bit skewed as they hope for a successful Republican National Convention, but most forecasts are saying similar things.

Tampa Bay Online has a good hurricane tracking tool. Here's the link...

We're slowly tying lines and trying to figure how best to fender up. Though there's no big hurry, it could still be quiet a blow.

I'm hoping for a non-event.




  1. If this one doesn't hit you, another one might. It's always good to have a plan. My plan is to double up on the lines, toss the dogs in the back of the truck and drive hundreds of miles inland.

  2. We have a similar plan. If one's heading for us and it's more than a Cat 2.... Tie on every line and fender we have and run!
    If it's not too bad... Your boat is a good place to be. Very self sufficient. Power by gen... with water and refrigerated food.