Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pic O' the Day 10.26.12 ... I Mean 9.26.12 (Thanks Jim)

Sun Rise somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico
When the sky blends with the sea.


  1. Is it October already?? Did I miss a month?

    1. Ha!!
      Thats' funny on several levels.
      Funny that I thought it really was October.
      Funny that I don't keep up with the months anymore.
      Funny that it doesn't really matter to us.
      Thanks for the correction.

  2. I was thinking the same thing! How nice it would be to have no worries, no track of time or even the day or month! Gotta love that cruising lifestyle! Too bad retirement looms 20 more years away for me!

  3. You'll be cruising before you know it. We've been there.
    You must keep your boat on the Tennessee or Bay Springs.
    Beautiful places to cruise around. We miss the Tennessee a lot, especially in the fall.
    Enjoy it.
    I bet you know Lady Sadie... If so, tell her we said hello and think about her often.