Monday, November 26, 2012

Star and Micey

Went out last Friday night with friends to the Center for Southern Folklore down on Main. They have local acts play on weekends in a casual little club that puts you up close and personal with the acts.
Star and Micey, a local band that Memphis has claimed as one of it's favorites, was playing and after watching a show I now understand. These young fellows were not just an outstanding act who put on a great show... they're really nice guys.
As the crowd was filing out after the gig, all the members waited at the door to thank everyone for the support, a lot of large hugs were given out.
So, another video that I hope you watch and if they come to your town, go see em', they're really, really good.

 Click the link above and download some of their music... they could use a hand.

On a personal note... A lot of those folks getting slapped are old buddies.
Richard, though grey, you still got great hair man.



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