Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today's Pic

Mel taking the helm and Radar smiles... pre Muddy... Sea of Abaco
Correction, ICW—N. Carolina

See that little grey remote in Mel's right hand? That's the Raymarine wireless autopilot controller that we've been told is flaky, unreliable, and downright dangerous for more than 9 years. 
Guess we just like livin' on the edge. 9 years and 30K+ miles and we've yet to find a problem... though we did replace a battery.

Still in Memphis, and laying low. Nothing exciting other than catching up with friends. 
Denis and April, our friends and neighbors, are heading to Vietnam for holiday. A cruise down the Mekong River sounds like an incredible vacation. They're suffering a little apprehension due to a stopover in Seoul, South Korea. 

Still sounds less risky than a Carnival Cruise to me.




  1. What kind of dog is radar? DW says "I want a radar". How much of a yapping mutt is he?

  2. Radar is a Havanese... He,himself, is not a yappy dog. His cousin Muddy is still a pup and can be a yappy little guy. Sometimes that yap is contagious and Radar joins in. Only when someone knock on the boat.