Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rainy Days

On days like this we tend to kick off our shoes, get really lazy,  and do whatever we like in a quiet, almost vegetative state.
We watched a documentary last night, "Who is Harry Nilsson" and after it, we both wondered aloud why we'd never paid that much attention to him.
Guess in those days —the early 70s— we were crankin' it up and too... well... 70s to appreciate Harry's phenomenal vocal talents. "Me and My Arrow" was familiar as was "Everybody's Talkin" from Midnight Cowboy, but we never sat and listened to his records like we did others, or if we did we certainly don't remember it.
The doc was excellent and well worth the time.
Saying this guy was really talented is like saying Einstein was really good at math.

I went to iTunes and downloaded a large amount of his catalog.
"A Little Touch Of Schmilsson" is a collection of standards. For this album, he employed Frank Sinatra's conductor/arranger and band, as well as the London Philharmonic for strings. Incredible!
"Nilsson Schmilsson" was nominated for Album Of The Year and Harry won Male Pop Vocalist Performance for "Without You".

So today, being a rainy day, we chilled listening to Harry, I took a few pics, and Mel worked on her needlepoint Christmas stocking for our grandson Silas.

Harry provided the perfect background music for this day of slothitude.

Yep... still playin' with the new camera... the boys are willing subjects.



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