Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today's Pic

Like the old tune by the Clash... Should I Stay or Should I go.

A fellow just passed by in a Selene so I radioed him for a report. He said his run yesterday was pretty nasty so I guess we made the right call after all.

 Pretty sedate morning in Solomons Harbor.
No red skies make for a boring picture, but an omen of good seas.

It's so smooth up in the Pax River, but you don't know till your about 5 miles out what the Bay is actually doing.
Low tide is around 9AM so our thoughts are to meet that slack tide and ride the flow north. Still not sure where yet. Got calls into a couple of places, but it seems everyone is full. I'm sure we'll find something. Anchoring out in the Severn is probably not a good idea with all the storms that are predicted, but we shall see.

Just got a call from 'Blue Grotto', the Selene Trawler. He reports that it's not bad at all... so off to wake the crew.



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