Monday, September 9, 2013

RIP... Russell George

We're both shocked and saddened tonight.

We've just learned a friend and the proprietor of our favorite dive in Memphis is dead.

Things will never be the same without Russell George; South Main St. or Earnestine and Hazel's.
Our neighborhood just lost it's ambassador, a good friend, and a great deal of it's color.

On our last night in Memphis we stopped by and had dinner at his joint... Russell would always come over and sit with us and we'd joke and reminisce about music, the clubs, and the old days... he said he was going to come down and see us on the boat one day... he always said that, he never did.

It's a shame... as he would say, "A cryin'-damn-shame."

Article here... Russell George, proprietor of Earnestine & Hazel’s, was found dead in the well-known bar in Downtown Memphis Monday.

Hope you're better now, Russell.

Maybe there's a new ghost at Earnestine and Hazel's.


  1. Man I hate to hear that about Russell. His son, who I believe was also named Murphy, used to work for me about the time his dad was starting E&H. We used to go down there and help him some. I remember cooking soul burgers on that flat top grill behind the bar!!

  2. We hated it too... He was one of the best things about living downtown.
    Always glad to see you and always remembered something he wanted to tell you that he had forgotten the last time.