Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's Pics

Finally found a few minutes to process some photos.

Boats on the Bay

Sojourn, a 55 Fleming
Shared the anchorage with us.

The anchorage at Fishing Bay was pleasant and uneventful. It's a pretty little anchorage, but known to the locals as one with less than desirable holding. We had no wind so we had no problems.

Fishing Bay Marina

The little marina next to the anchorage was quite a nice marina. Very quiet. We dropped the dink in and took the boys there for some dirt time.

Moving on, we stayed a short night at York River Yacht Basin, that's going through a major transition, then left for Portsmouth. Along the way the plan changed to passing Portsmouth and making way for Atlantic Yacht Basin.
Should have stuck to the original plan.




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