Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Pics

What are the odds?

Leaving the Bay and downtown Norfolk, we were held up at a rail road bridge along with several other boats. As we were all hovering in wait for an opening, a fellow on a sailboat called out to us.
"Hey Istaboa, remember us? We were in the lock with you last July, on our way up the Bay."
I'll be damned... We did lock through with this same boat and we talked while waiting for the doors to open, they're from Vicksburg, MS. We laughed about our hard to pronounce boat names. Their boat is named 'Phalarope'
So, on the very same days, several months apart, we both locked through to begin our Chesapeake cruise... and end it.
We never crossed paths along the way at all.

Leaving the lock, I heard them hail AYB and say they were coming in and needed help tying up.
Turns out, they were inadvertently assigned our slip, the only slip left, the slip we had reserved a day earlier and had called and confirmed hours before.

After a certain amount of radio chatter and chaos, we were told to take a covered slip around the back in a canal. At first I was a bit annoyed because a covered slip meant no satellite dish and no NFL, but the sailboat couple walked over to apologize and even offered to give up their slip.
That was nice, but they couldn't fit under a cover slip... so we laughed, said forget it, and we finished the conversation we were having in the lock about the odds of meeting up again.

Turns out, all's well that ends well.
Look at this rain! And, it looks like it going to rain like this for the rest of the week. Our covered slip is pretty dry right now.

Sometimes the odds are in our favor.
Now if we could just get the rain out of the way and Istaboa out of the water for her bottom job.
But, even this is not so bad.
Marty and Amy, our old friends from Sunset Bay are here and another buddy, Capt. Bobby McKee, is delivering a boat down the Bay as we speak; he should be here tonight or tomorrow.
So it's like old home week.
Everything's good? Well... not everything, but that's a story probably best left untold.
(Hint... a blown out head pump.) 
Everything's good enough.

Thanks for checkin' up on us.



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