Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Looks Good To Me

As we were heading out Beaufort Inlet... It seemed flat. Rich said, "Looks good to me!"... and we agreed, it did.

But... as the day drew closer to an end, the chunkier it became.

Then the term chunky became an understatement.

It was too dark to photograph, but at one point I saw Two Drifters pitch almost completely out of the water — saw their stabilizer fins.  I'm sure we were doing the same.

That's when we decided to head west to seek shelter and we found it there.

Bumpy night.

Leaving Fernandina Beach today... the winds have finally laid down though it's still rainy and foggy.
It's really been blowing for the last couple of days.
Only good thing about that... kept the gnats away.
Not sure where we stop next.




  1. We just got home from a long weekend in Fernandina Beach and on monday after lunch at Brett's we were walking around and there was your beautiful vessel in the marina!! I told my husband that I was following your blog when you guys were in the Abaco's!! I took a shot of with my phone:

  2. Thanks Joanne... You should have stopped by and said hello.
    Fernandina is a great spot. Wish the weather would've been better.
    Probably is now.

  3. Hello Istaboa. I've also been following your blog on and off throught Drift Away. We were in Amelia last week also and saw you docked at the marina on Friday. Would have come down and introduced myself and my wife but looks like you were shut up tight! We're back in cold New England and living the dream form my desk LOL Safe travels! Too bad you were not in Fernandina a few days earler the weather was very good but a bit windy, potents of things to come?? Best Regards Kevin and Beth on M/V Autumn Dream (sometimes)

  4. We walked right up to the side and if I would have seen any movement inside I would have waved, but it was all quiet. It was rather windy and very cloudy that day...good day to curl up with a book and I didn't want to disturb you guys. But it looks as if you are heading down to our neck of the woods now. We live in Delray Beach, FL! At lease the seas have calmed back down for you.

  5. Wow!
    All you guys in little Fernandina... It's a cool little town.
    We had Gkids in town so we may have been out.
    Crab Trap.... and other eateries made a few bucks off us.
    Thanks for thinking about us... That's really nice.
    Hope we cross paths again.
    Crew Istaboa