Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thinkin' Abacos

Elbow Cay

FireFly — overlooking the Sea of Abaco

Hopetown Lighthouse

Flotsam and jetsam


  1. Your pics are amazing, as always. Are you really thinking Abacos? It has been 12 years for us, but still is one of our favorites. Will be heading further south soon as we resolve washer/dryer issues.

  2. George and Candice, N57 Resolute. We will be back on board February 14th and headed to the Abacos ASAP. Your pictures make us wish we were already there.

  3. Thinking about it, but not anytime soon. The weather is bad there too.
    Maybe in the late spring or early summer.
    We went for a couple of weeks on the way back from Exumas in 2012 and had a nice time. They're not as pretty as the Exumas but more to do and see.
    We always had fun.

  4. I'm thinking' Abacos most all the time...