Tuesday, September 23, 2014

But What About Istaboa?

Istaboa's fine, better than ever.
She's not going anywhere other than where she takes us.

Once again, Istaboa is our dream being realized. Some will remember...
And, yes I know, there are those who feel there's no better life than full time living aboard our boats, but we've been doing the cruising thing for many years. We like to think of the boat life as a dream being realized, but sometimes, for us anyway, it's fun to hop on the bus and say — there's no place like home — and our dream remains floating somewhere awaiting our return.
Istaboa also has a new home in Jupiter where we bought her a slip. She'll only be a couple of miles away and when we're not cruising, I'll enjoy her everyday as my office.
She'll return to her previous role, no longer our home — our escape.

And a great escape she is.




  1. Wow, congrats you guys. We also love the Jupiter area, good choice.

    1. Thanks, I discovered Jupiter 30 years ago on my first boat trip down the ICW. We didn't stop, but at the time, I thought the clear water looked like what I imagined the islands would be like. 2 mile further the pretty water went away and back to normal green/brown shades of the ICW.

      It's about time you guys splash Broulee. Come on over to the East Side and visit.