Thursday, October 6, 2016

North Palm Beach Marina — Live Stream

While it lasts, onSpot wifi provides a live video stream from NPBM.  Even in good weather, the Comcast broadband connection has always been spotty there — so expect outages.
Click this link > look down to the second window > Press play.


  1. Glad to hear Istaboa is out of water and you guys headed west. A long busy summer of my parents in and out of hospitals. We will be moving Broulee from River Forest to Marco sometime in November, once again, I will need to be near an airport.

  2. Sorry to hear about your parents. That's a tough one, but something ya got to do.
    I just talked to John at River Forest. Nice guy. Gave me a great deal on a Charles Iso-Boost.
    Sarasota is a nice town and a great alternative to waiting for a blow to show. We sure hope the building at Hinckley holds up.
    Hope you have a fun and restful winter at Marco. At least the WiFi will be better.