Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allens Cay and the Iguanas... Part 2 of 3

After walking to the beach we decided to take the dink and run over to Allens Cay to see the infamous Iguanas.
As we get close to the beach, sure enough, we see twenty or so Iguanas run to the shore in hopes of a handout.

Like in all other social cultures; there must be a pecking order here also. The big lizard always got the bread and shared it if he wanted. The others had to scramble for a few nibbles.

While dinking around, some guys on a sport fish asked if we would take one of their buddies to shore with his video camera to take pics of his children playing with the Iguanas. We said we would for a beer. (we were very thirsty and had no beer with us.)
They did us one better and gave us 2 beers and 2 fish. You can't beat that.

My Catch
Fresh fish tonight.

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